Daytrip on quiet river. Hamar

Daytrip on quiet river

Guided tour along a beautiful quiet river close to high mountains. We adjust the trip to your skills. A little experience from kayakpadling is recommended 

Vi padler langs den stilleflytende og naturskjønne Åsta-elva

Date: June-August. On demand. Call +47 920 52127 or message on WhatsApp to make an reservation
Duration: 8 hours starting from Hamar.
Price: Kr.1600 /Euro 150 
Included: Kayaks, paddles, lifewest, spray skirt, transport of equipment, a lunch on the riverside, experienced guide. Drybag. Pictures from the trip 

Suitable for families, groups of friends, couples. 
Minimum age: 14. 
Group size 2- 5 persons. 

This is a trip to the serene and picturesque mountains, just an hour’s drive from Hamar. The crystal-clear water and stunning natural surroundings make it a hidden gem. We load up our car in Hamar with all our equipment and food for the day, then set off to explore the river Åsta, nestled high in the mountains near the treeline.

Our starting point depends on the river’s size. We can enjoy a peaceful flow or encounter small currents that challenge our balance. Don’t forget to bring dry clothing! Along the river, you’ll find wildlife such as elk and foxes, as well as birds like eagles, ducks, and other waterbirds. The river itself is home to trout, whitefish, and grayling. And if you’re lucky, you might even spot tracks from wolves, bears, or wolverines in the area.

God stemning når vi når Åkersetra og exit fra elva

Noen bilder ifra turen

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